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Here it is, hot off the digital press. 


We've put together some of the common mistakes to avoid in order to make your job easier and keep your pockets a little fuller. 

We know first-hand that being a landlord isn't always easy. Small mistakes can have big repercussions and the lessons learned can be costly. Here at Hennessy Property Management, we focus on helping landlords better manage their investment properties, no matter how big or how small. Good property management is a pivotal part of investing in real estate that is often overlooked by landlord-investors for common reasons such as: presuming they have too few units to use a property management company, assuming it's too expensive, and not understanding the scope and value of the services. In reality, small landlords are excellent candidates for property management, since they are often the ones who are doing it "on the side" and end up "burning out" mentally and financially. As far as cost, a small monthly fee to not have to worry about handling maintenance calls and collecting rents on time is a small price to pay. When it comes to maintenance, we have the network and volume which allows us to provide cost-effective solutions. 

Think about it; one eviction can cost more than the yearly property management fee that could have prevented it. We believe we can cut your expenses and increase your cash flow with our full-service, closed-loop system. Don't believe us? Feel free to reach out, and we'll tell you how.

Happy Reading!

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