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reap the rewards of our  referral program!

As a fellow Real Estate Professional and valued partner, you are eligible to benefit greatly 

by teaming with Hennessy Property Management. Here's how...  


 cash Rewards

  • Each referral who ultimately chooses HPM to manage their property will generate a cash reward for you, equal to the value of one month's management fees.


 Value to your Client

  • Your client will receive the first month of property management completely free. We are confident enough in our services and customer satisfaction to use risk-free management agreements without long-term commitments. We know your client will be happy with our services and will be much more likely to want to grow their portfolio--which means...


       More Transactions and More        commissions for you!

  • Single-family homeowner clients are great, but the reality is that the transaction volume they produce is typically low, as they are likely to stay in their new home for a very long time. Imagine-- a client (or clients) with a great realtor (you) and great property management team in place, suddenly has the urge and confidence to buy more investment property without having to worry about the headaches of being a landlord. They become serious investors who may be buyers and/or sellers at any time. There is no ceiling on how many transactions they may need you to facilitate!

Contact Us Today and

let's get started!

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