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Want to Invest in Real Estate but Intimidated by the Process?

Most people have heard that owning rental property is the closest thing to a “sure thing” that exists in the investment world . While we at Hennessy Property Management certainly believe that to be true, we understand why most people are weary of becoming landlords. Horror stories are never in short supply when “Do it yourself” rental property owners talk about their business.

Buying a stock or mutual fund can be as simple as a few mouse clicks or one phone call to your broker. Buying an apartment building is a much more daunting process. Owning a stock or mutual fund is also simple. Sit, wait, and hope. Owning an apartment building or commercial property is much, MUCH more management intensive (but potentially much more lucrative). Facebook isn’t going to call you in the middle of the night when the heat isn’t working. Your tenant will.

Hennessy Property Management is here to take the stress out of buying and managing rental real estate in a cost effective way for our clients. If you’ve thought about real estate investing but are a little intimidated by all that it entails, give us a call.

Josh Hennessy

Hennessy Property Management


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