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Burning Out as a Landlord?

Are you a “do-it-yourself” landlord who is questioning whether or not your rental property is worth the headaches anymore? Before you throw in the towel and sell your property, give Hennessy Property Management a call.

Many things are all about perspective—and we believe real estate investments are no different. If your perspective is from underneath the kitchen sink in unit 2B on a Friday night when you’ve worked all week and are supposed to be at your son’s hockey game, it may be difficult to remember why you ever wanted to be a landlord in the first place. At Hennessy Property Management, we want our clients to unload their headaches on to our team, and regain the perspective of the savvy investor who can spend his/her weekend as they choose, without worrying about that next phone call from an unhappy tenant. Go to your child’s game and if you still feel the need to check on your property, just peek at your phone for real time updates on our owner portal. Contact us today to learn more.

Josh Hennessy

Hennessy Property Management


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